Boot Camp

Want to Know More About Boot Camp?

Boot Camp

Looking for a fun and energetic environment to fuel your PHITness?!

Get motivated and stay disciplined with our monthly boot camp! PHIT offers a regular group meet-up for anyone looking for something extra, challenging, and fun.

Our boot camps are designed to give you a full-body burn with stations for cardio, strength training, and flexibility. These 1-hour circuits are often some of the best workouts because they combine several intense exercises in a short period of time.

Our boot camps are a 1-hour personal training program designed to give you the ultimate workout experience.

We use a combination of high-intensity interval training and active rest training to burn more fat and calories than traditional workouts.

Bring your A-game and a friend, and get ready for a workout that’s guaranteed to pull the best out of you! We always work hard, but we have fun! With different locations, our Saturday boot camps are convenient to get to. Snacks and post-workout drinks are always provided. Email us at to sign up.