Graston Technique Therapy

Graston Technique Therapy

What is Graston Technique Therapy?

Graston Technique therapy is a soft tissue technique that uses specially designed stainless steel instruments, influencing an inflammatory response to encourage the healing process. It is one of several manual therapy techniques using instruments alongside massage. The Graston Technique was conceived in the early 1990s by amateur athlete David Graston. Graston developed the stainless steel tool and massage technique as part of his quest to treat his injuries.

What are the Benefits of Graston Technique Therapy?

Treats Soft Tissue Injuries

Breaks Down Scar Tissue

Stimulates Natural Healing

Graston Technique therapy is effective in treating soft tissue conditions using specially designed stainless steel instruments. One of the primary benefits of Graston Technique therapy is that we use it in helping to identify and treat soft tissue conditions like a strained muscle or pulled tendon, etc. In addition, it works by breaking down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions commonly associated with soft tissue injuries. It can also reduce restrictions by stretching the connective tissue associated with the soft tissue area being treated and stimulates natural healing.

How does Graston Technique Therapy Work?

At PHIT, we use one or more of the six Graston Technique core tools, which are made of stainless steel and vary in concave and convex shapes, to identify and treat areas of the body exhibiting soft tissue injuries. By brushing or rubbing the instruments against the injured area, the Graston Technique helps create temporary inflammation, which ultimately increases the blood flow rate to that area. This helps to stimulate natural healing, and over time, this therapy will help transform soft tissue injuries into healthy and functioning tissue.

Wondering if Graston Technique Therapy Could Help You? Contact Your Longwood Chiropractor.

Graston Technique therapy can help to promote the natural healing of soft tissue injuries. We are trained and certified in safe and effective Graston Technique therapy and can discuss your specific needs to see if it could help you. Contact your Longwood, Florida, chiropractor at 407-417-2533 to set up your appointment.

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