Traction Therapy

Traction Therapy

What is Traction Therapy?

Cervical and lumbar traction is a therapy performed to increase range of motion, decrease muscle tension and help to alleviate nerve pain like sciatica or radiating pain from a herniated disc. Traction stretches the spine to relieve the pressure on compressed nerves and stretches tight muscles.

What are the Benefits of Traction Therapy?

Treat Neck & Back Pain

Treat Bulged or Herniated Discs

Relief After First Treatment

Traction therapy is primarily used to treat back and neck pain and mobility. Traction therapy can be beneficial in treating herniated discs, cervical spondylosis, joint pain, and spasms. Patients often believe that surgery is the only option to treat herniated discs. That’s not always the case. Depending on the severity and condition, traction therapy can help to treat both bulged or herniated discs. It is also a cost-effective treatment option for patients dealing with cervical spondylosis, a condition affecting the nerves connected to the spine. Traction therapy is commonly used to treat joint pain and spasms related to injuries or accidents, and after the first session, you may feel relief!

How does Traction Therapy Work?

Traction therapy can be performed manually or mechanically depending on your treatment needs, and we do both cervical (neck) spine traction and lumbar (lower back) spine traction. A steady or intermittent force is applied to the designated area during traction. This force helps stretch the muscles and creates space between the upper vertebrae. We will determine the amount of force, the length of time, and the area to be treated depending on your specific needs, with sessions averaging between 15-30 minutes over a treatment period of four to six weeks.

Wondering if Traction Therapy Could Help You? Contact Your Longwood Chiropractor.

Traction therapy can help to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with several types of injuries and illnesses. We are trained and certified in safe and effective traction techniques and can discuss your specific needs to see if traction therapy could help you. Contact your Longwood chiropractor at 407-417-2533 to set up your appointment.

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